Article ID : 00114833 / Last Modified : 03/09/2019

What file formats are supported by the Album, Music, and Video apps?

Some of the picture, music, or video contents on my home network or USB device cannot be played.

    Please refer to Supported files and formats in the Help Guide by following the steps below.

    1. Refer your TV's Help Guide.
    2. Select Using the TV with Other Devices.
    3. Select USB devices.
    4. Select Supported files and formats.
    5. Select the category you want to check.


    • If content cannot be played back even though the file is listed in Supported files and formats, check whether the content is corrupt by testing playback on a computer, etc. You may also not be able to play it back on the TV depending on the file.
    • Although you may be able to play back formats not listed in Supported files and formats, proper operation is not guaranteed.
    • Contents with unsupported codecs cannot be played.
    • LPCM files (Music) are only supported when using a home network.
    • 4K contents cannot be played back on 2K TV models.