Image of people enjoying the TV Sound Booster feature

Boosting up live performance

Sony's unique function, TV Sound Booster, lets you enjoy the enhanced sound of audio visual contents, such as live performance videos and movies. Owing to the deep bass and realistic high-frequency sound spread, you can get get a true audio-visual experience which draws you right into everything you're watching.

The XV900 ramps up your TV sound with its 32cm (12.6 inch) X-Balanced woofer, while tweeters on the side and rear fill the room.

How to setup TV Sound Booster via Sony | Music Center

Image demonstrating the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker's connection capability with a TV

Connect TV & XV900

Connect the XV900 to your TV using the supplied optical cable.
Image demonstrating the TV Sound Booster feature on the Sony l Music Center app with the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker

Activate “TV Sound Booster” on Sony | Music Center

Switch on “TV Sound Booster” on Sony | Music Center.
Image displaying directions on how to activate sound between the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker and TV

Activate the sound of XV900 and TV

1. Play content on TV.
2. Adjust the TV volume using its remote control so that you can hear voice or dialogue.
3. Adjust the volume of the XV900 from the Music Center so that the bass sound is as loud as you like. 
Image demonstrating the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker & TV sound range and capability

* The front 4 speakers (2x tweeter /2x midrange unit) do not produce sound during TV Sound Booster mode.