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The Sound Bar powers off by itself.

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue:

    1. Check the Auto Standby function:

      If the Sound Bar power turns off automatically after a certain amount of time, the Auto Standby function may be activated. With this function activating, the Sound Bar enters standby mode automatically when you do not operate the Sound Bar while no signal is input for about 15 minutes (or 20 minutes). This specification aims to cutting down the power consumption of the device. This may also happen when the sound level is too low.

      Depending on the model which has the Auto Standby function, you can turn the function off. Refer to the product manual to see if your Sound Bar has the Auto Standby function, or to see if you can turn the function off.

      NOTE: The Auto Standby function cannot be turned off on the HT-CT80 model, and the following issue may occur depending on your connected device.

      • If a Set-top Box is connected: Set the volume level of the Set-top box to maximum level or and then adjust the volume on the soundbar
      • If a TV is connected: Set the audio output to external from the TV sound settings. If this function is not available, increase the volume level of the TV
    2. Check the HDD CEC settings:

      If the Sound Bar tuns off automatically when the connected TV turns off, the HDMI CEC feature may be activated.

      • For Sound Bar settings, check the Control for HDMI function.
      • If your TV is a BRAVIA, check the BRAVIA sync function.
      • If your TV is other than BRAVIA, check the similar settings related to HDMI CEC function. For more details, refer to the TV manual.
    3. If the issue is not resolved:

      The Sound Bar may be temporarily malfunctioning. Try resetting the Sound Bar. If the issue is not resolved after resetting, service may be required.