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How to conduct checks for disk errors?

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How to conduct checks for disk errors?

To conduct checks for disk errors, close all running programs before carrying out the steps below.
1. Click Start and double-click My Computer.
2. Right-click the drive to be checked, and click Properties.
3. Click the Tools tab.
4. Click Check Now.
5. Select both the Automatically fix files system-errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors options.
6. Click Start.

If the Automatically fix files system errors option is selected, the message The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed only by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule this disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer? will appear.
Click Yes and disk check will be carried out at the next startup.

Note: When the drive is formatted in NTFS, the system will automatically log all file transactions, replacing defective clusters and storing the copies of all key information on the NFTS volume.