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How to change the Power Plan in Windows Vista?

How to change the Power Plan in Windows Vista?

    Please refer to the following contents.

    According to the changes of power plan, the PC performance can be maximized while saving electricity.

    1.Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

    2.Click Hardware and Sounds.(In Windows Vista, the progress comes strictly to Power Options without this step of Hardware and Sounds)

    3.Click Power Options.

    4.After the Power Options window displays, please select the following items.

    See the energy consumed and set the system Performance balance.
     --Power saver
    Save electricity by decreasing the system Performance.
    For users who want to maximize the life of the battery.
     --High Performance
     Maximize the system Performance to the fullest in the PC.
    In order to improve the system Performance, sacrifice part of the battery life.

    5.In order to change settings for detail, click Changes for Scheme Settings of every item.

    6.After the Plan Settings and Editing window displays and battery drives, and then setup the AC adapter’s connection settings.
    *Notebook PCs powered by battery can display settings of every item such as Accumulator Drive and Power Connecting.  

    Click Detail Change of Power Settings, and then set every item more meticulously.
    8.Click the Save Changes button.
    The operation is finished.