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How to create password reset disc in Windows XP?

Creating a password reset disc.

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Users can use a password reset disc to recreate another password and this can be done in Forgotten Password Wizard.

Users can use portable memory devices like a floppy disk, memory bar, USB flash memory, or SD card to create a password reset disc.
However, different computer models require different portable memory devices.

Memory card can be inserted into the accessory memory adapter on some VAIO notebooks.

Please refer to the following technical support information from Microsoft.

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How to create and use a password reset disc for a computer that is not a domain member in Windows XP


Please refer to the following information to create a password reset disc.


  • If users have logged on the computer, a password reset disc cannot be created.
  • When creating a password reset disc on a computer without drive device of floppy disk installed, users may be unable to choose a portable memory device to save the password reset file.
    Please first connect drive device of floppy disk and then perform operations below.
    Users should connect drive device of floppy disk before using password reset disc.

    When there is no drive device FOR floppy disk, users can create password reset file on C drive.
    At this reset file may be used by other users, SONY suggest users to use functions such as password prompt.
  • If a password reset disc is created on a special account (e.g. VAIO), users do not need to recreate a password reset disc when changing the password.
    E.g. Set the password to Acreate a password reset disc → change the password to B. By doing so, users do not need to create a new password reset disc.
  • Users can only use memory device in the same user account.
    Users cannot a create password reset disc for several users in the same memory device.
  • When a new password reset disc for a user account is created, the previously created password reset disc cannot be used for this user account.
  • Other users may be able to use the password reset disc to access the computer. Thus, store this disk in a safe and secure location
  1. Insert a flash device which doesn't have written-protect.

  2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

  3. Click User Accounts.

For limited account users, this step is not required.


  1. Click the user name that users want to work with.
  2. Click Prevent a forgotten password on the left side of screen.

  3. Open Welcome to Forgotten Password Wizard, and then click Next.

  4. Open Create Password Reset Disc, and then click Next.

Different computers have different displayed drivers.


  1. Remark
    If the following interface of the drive selection appears, click Create Password Reset Disc in the Following Drivers Select the drive users want to work with, and then click Next.

The drive to be selected varies with different computers.


  1. In Current user account password, type the current password for the user account, and then click Next.

  2. When Progress: 100% complete appears, click Next.

  3. Click Finish.