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Why is the actual battery run-time shorter than what is indicated in product catalogue?

The actual battery run-time is shorter than what is indicated in product catalogue.

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The computer may not be running in the power saving mode.

When the computer enters power saving mode, the battery run-time is tested by JEITA.

The run-time that is indicated in the disk catalogue describes how long the battery lasts in Safe Mode.
When the battery is fully charged, firstly confirm the running settings and the running time.

Battery Maintenance Function is probably enabled at default on the following models.

  • VGN-G1  series
  • VGC-G2  series
  • VGN-SZ*4 series
  • VGN-TZ*1 series

Please follow the steps below to verify the settings of the power management.

  • LCD display power saving mode
    Adjust the brightness of LCD display
    Switch off LCD display
  • Power saving mode of hard disk
    Cut down hard disk source of hard disk
    Change hard disk settings
  • Disconnect all peripheral devices and unplug computer
    Disconnect PC card, CF card and EMS memory bank 
    Disconnect USB , i.LINK and other devices which connected to interfaces
    Disable wireless network and Bluetooth
    Set power saving mode for these seldom used devices or cut off the power source
    Take out the added EMS memory
  • Power saving mode of CPU and adapter
    Use CPU power saving priority mode
    Turn down the analytic degree of screen
    Change the screen resolution 
  • Power saving of audio device and notebook speaker
    Take out earphone and microphone
    Turn down volume or tick Mute
    Disable audio device and notebook speaker

Note: If the Operating System becomes restricted after setting power saving mode, try to restore the settings.


Reference Information:

  • Users can use keyboard shortcut to enter power saving mode, e.g. keys with [Fn]. For more information, please refer to the shortcuts in keyboard of the VAIO user manual.
    The shortcut keys combined with Fn may have different functions in different models of VAIO. 
  • Monitoring system, automatically update software function may not turn into power saving mode.