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When using the USB1 or USB2 port, songs cannot be operated.

    Check the following:

    • When a USB device is connected or when USB1 or USB2 is selected, due to the configured reading of the device, song operation takes 20 to 25 seconds to be performed.

      The * mark appears on the car stereo during configured reading. Please wait until the * mark disappears.

      NOTE: When a second USB device is connected and is being read while the car stereo plays back music via the USB1 or USB2 port, if all of the songs within the current folder are played back, songs from the next folder will not start playing until after the reading is complete.

    • The car stereo can perform these operations on a USB device: play/pause, next, previous, and Vol up/down. However, rewind/fast-forward is not supported.
    • The car stereo does not support shuffle or continuous playback using both USB1 and USB2.