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A device connected to the USB-A or USB FRONT connector cannot be played back.

    Check the following items:

    NOTE: The port name may differ depending on your model. Either USB-A or USB FRONT will be equipped. For the port name of your model, refer to the Operating Instructions.

    • Make sure that the selected function is the same as the connector to which the device is connected (USB-A or USB FRONT).
      Switch the input to USB-A (or USB FRONT) by using the button on the product or the supplied remote control, and then start playback.
    • When the desired track is stored in a very deep folder structure, or the folder name and file name is too long, the track may not be able to be played back.
      In such cases, place the track in a shallower folder, or shorten the folder name and file name to make it playable.
    • This product may not recognize the device connected to the connector.
      Set this product to the USB-A function (or USB FRONT function depending on your product), disconnect the cable connected to the USB-A (or USB FRONT) connector, then connect the cable again.