A100 Walkman® A Series

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THB 7,990.00



THB 7,990.00

32GB with headphone


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16GB 40th Anniversary model


THB 14,440.00

Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
Images of A100 Walkman® A Series
h.ear logo
Distinctive design
Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio wireless logos
High quality sound
Image of circuit board
Premium engineering
NW-A100 Walkman with Wi-Fi download and streaming
Wi-Fi download and streaming
NW-A100 Walkman with side key controls
Design and usability
NW-A100 Walkman with compatible headphones
Compatible headphones
h.ear logo
Differences bring us together

The new h.ear range brings different colours together harmoniously, creating unexpected combinations where each element has its own place, and complements the other.

Colours in harmony

The new h.ear range comes in colours to suit your lifestyle perfectly. The tones work with a spectrum of hues and different colours. Try them with your favourite outfit and it all just works – effortless harmony.

High quality sound

From Hi-Res Audio compatibility to advanced digital upscaling, the NW-A100 series is designed to bring the best out of your music.

Hi-Res Audio logo
High-Resolution Audio compatible

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

S-Master HX™ logo
S-Master HX™ 

Enjoy all the subtleties in your music with the S-Master HX™ digital amplifier, which delivers High-Resolution Audio in maximum quality, with reduced distortion and noise.

DSEE Ultimate logo
DSEE Ultimate™

DSEE Ultimate™ uses AI technology to reproduce the detailed acoustic subtleties and clear high-frequency sounds often lost during audio compression.

DSD logo
DSD playback

Experience the natural sound and intense detail of DSD audio formats up to 11.2MHz, thanks to the NW-A100 series' high-quality PCM conversion.

High-Resolution Audio wireless 

Enjoy High-Resolution Audio quality music thanks to LDAC, our premium wireless codec. With 3x the bitrate of standard BLUETOOTH® technology, you can enjoy a superior listening experience for all your music. 

Logos for Bluetooth® , NFC™, and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD
NFC™ One-touch and Bluetooth® for instant connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth wireless technology make connecting to your music fast and easy. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to your NW-A100 series for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming. No NFC? No problem. Connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go. LDAC and aptX™ HD audio compatibility is available.

Premium engineering

Every material and component of the NW-A100 series has been selected with one goal in mind – to create a truly exceptional listening experience.

Rigid aluminium milled frame for improved sound quality

The premium aluminium milled frame provides superior rigidity for low impedance and clear, stable sound and solid bass.

Circuit board with film capacitor
Film capacitor

High-quality film capacitors are used in the amplification stage to help the NW-A100 series realise transparent, expansive highs and natural sound.

Circuit board wtih Fine Sound Resistor
Fine Sound Resistor

The surface mounted Fine Sound Resistor ensures even, effective distribution of power to the circuit components, for consistent sound quality.

Optimised circuit board layout
Optimised circuit board layout

By dividing the Audio block (highlighted in red) and the Power/Digital block (in blue), the circuit board layout has been optimised to ensure sound quality is unaffected by digital noise.

Advanced solder containing gold for clearer sound

The exceptional conductivity of gold ensures absolute minimum signal loss. For clearer sound and vocals, a premium, audio-grade lead-free solder with a small amount of gold connects the circuit of the NW-A100 series to the battery.

Advanced solder containing gold
Wi-Fi compatible for direct download and music streaming

Supported by Android™ and compatible with Wi-Fi, the NW-A100 series offers you even more ways to listen to your music. Enjoy your favourite streaming and music apps right on your Walkman or connect to a PC to access your music collection.

Designed for pure music enjoyment

Ergonomic and easy to use, the NW-A100 series makes listening to music on the move more enjoyable than ever.

Crafted for comfort

With its sleek curves and matte finish, the NW-A100 series is designed to feel comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Larger display, compact size

The NW-A100 series has a bigger screen than its predecessor, the NW-A50, yet its body is almost identical in size. So you can enjoy easier access to your music without compromising comfort.

Convenient side controls

With thoughtfully designed side controls, you can choose your favourite tracks and adjust volume without needing to take it out of your pocket.

USB Type-C ™ port

The NW-A100 series features a USB Type-C ™ port for easy connectivity with a range of devices.

MicroSD card icon
Expandable memory

Expand the already large memory of your NW-A100 series with a microSD card – pop one in the slot to enjoy endless playlists and even the biggest music collections on the go.

Battery icon
Up to 26 hours’ battery life

When fully charged you can enjoy up to 26 hours of music playback when playing MP3s at 128kbps. Perfect for the daily commute or just being out and about.

Vinyl Processor icon
Vinyl  Processor

Give the warmth and character of vinyl back to your digital tracks. Enjoy subtle reproduction of the low-frequency resonance, tone-arm resistance and surface noise to deliver an authentic listening experience.

MQA™ logo
MQA™ files played and decoded

The NW-A100 series can play and decode MQA™ files, so you can play even more lossless-quality music.

Smaller headphones, even higher quality sound

The new IER-NW510N headphones for the NW-A100 series offers even better quality sound than their predecessors, the IER-NW500N, yet they’re approximately half the size. So you can enjoy an even more comfortable listening experience.

Noise cancelling quietens external sounds

Want to be alone with your tunes? Activate noise cancelling, and the compatible IER-NW510N headphones work with the NW-A100 series to block out external sounds.

Ambient Sound mode lets essential audio in

When you’re using the compatible IER-NW510N headphones, activate Ambient Sound mode and you’ll hear external sound along with your music. This is ideal for keeping you in touch with the outside world, traffic and announcements.

Walkman 40th Anniversary Package

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ground-breaking TPS-L2 Walkman, Sony’s first portable cassette player, we’ve created an exclusive 40th Anniversary Walkman Package.

Step back in time with the TPS-L2 soft case

A fun addition to the Walkman 40th Anniversary Package, this special soft case not only helps protect your NW-A100 series Walkman from dust and scratches – it also makes it look like the TPS-L2, the original Walkman® from 1979. Especially when combined with the Cassette Tape UI.

NW-A100 Walkman in TPS-L2 soft case
Contents of Walkman 40th Anniversary Package
What's in the box

The box is based on the original TPS-L2 packaging, inside you’ll find an NW-A100 series Walkman, complete with 40th Anniversary logo on the back, alongside a special soft case styled on the iconic TPS-L2 itself. Two Walkman 40th Anniversary sticker sheets are also included.

Cassette Tape UI 

As a playful nod to the iconic TPS-L2, the NW-A100 series features a special Cassette Tape user interface and screensaver. The cassette tape visual that appears on your Walkman® display varies depending on the codec of the music you’re listening to.

NW-A100 Walkman with Cassette Tape UI
So immersive. So real.

Immerse yourself in sound all around you. As real as if you are there at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio. With 360 Reality Audio, music has never been so immersive and so real. The NW-A100 series let you enjoy 360 Reality Audio.

Specifications & Features

With High-Resolution Audio and colours to suit your lifestyle, the NW-A100 series with Android™ lets you enjoy your favourite streaming and music apps right on your Walkman® – or you can connect to your PC to access your music collection. Listening to your favourite sounds has never been easier.
  • Bring harmony into your life with the colours of the h.ear range

  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • S-Master HX™ digital amplifier for pure sound quality

  • DSEE HX Al analyses song type and restores compressed audio files

  • Use Wi-Fi to stream and download music with your favourite Android™ apps

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