Article ID : 00150452 / Last Modified : 15/04/2021

There is little or no sound from the portable speaker during Bluetooth connection.

    Check the following:

    1. Make sure that the portable speaker and the connected audio device are turned on.
    2. Check that the Bluetooth indicator of the portable speaker is lit.  
    3. Check that the Bluetooth settings of the portable speaker and your audio device are enabled.
    4. Make sure that the connected device is playing music.
    5. Increase the volume level of the portable speaker and the connected device.
    6. Keep the speaker away from metal objects.
    7. Remove the audio cable from the speaker.
    8. If the speaker is connected to a computer running music software, restart the music software.
    9. If Music Center (SongPal) is installed on your mobile device, update it to the latest version.
      If you are in an environment in which you cannot use the latest version of Music Center (SongPal), try uninstalling Music Center (SongPal) and reconnecting.
    10. Turn off the Bluetooth function of the connected device, and then turn it on again.
    11. Delete the device information of the connected device, and then re-pair them.

    If you have completed all the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required.