Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • LMD-A170


[Updates of this version]
1. Line doubler
2. Screen saver
3. Addition of Auto Power Down in the Menu
For further details, please refer to the Release Notes for_LMD-A240_A220_A170_V3_10.pdf in this page and the operating instructions of the LMD-A240, A220 and A170 with Ver.3.1 from the Sony support site..

[Applicable version]
・LMD-A170 V3.00 or later
・The software version for the monitor can be found on Status 4/4 in the OSD menu.

[Preparation and How to update]
・You need to prepare an Windows PC, a switching hub, ethernet cables and download "Monitor Update Ver.1.1" software.
For more details, please read "Monitor_Update_User_Guide(V1_1)" and "LMD-A_Monitor_Firmware_update_procedure(V3_1)_r1" in this page.
・ This update takes about 7 minutes per LMD-A240/A220/A170 unit.