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What is JEITA measuring standard?

What is JEITA measuring standard?

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JEITA stands for Japan Electronic Information Technology Association (Ver 1.0).

JEITA measuring standard is based on the following conditions:


Basic Settings:

1.Screen saver: None.

Right click on the desktop→ PersonalizeScreen saver→ None



2.Volume control: Mute.

Select the Volume icon in the taskbar→ Right-click Open volume Mixer→ Mute



3.Switch off the Wireless LAN switch.

Select the Wireless Function icon in the taskbar→ Right-click→ Show main dialog → Disable Enable Wireless LAN→ Click apply


4. Change Wallpaper to VAIO Long Battery Life Wallpaper HighColor 1024*600

Common settings in Control Panel - Power Options


* Power Plan

  Control Panel - Power Options, Select VAIO Ultimate Battery




Note: VAIO Ultimate Battery is hidden under Show additional plans by default.  

* Plan Settings

1. Turn off the display: Never

2. Put the computer to sleep: Never




* VAIO Power Management

Go to [Change advanced power settings] - [VAIO Power Management] - [Advanced] button

1. Leave "Enable VAIO Power Management" selected.

2. Unselect "Automatically hibernate when computer goes into a low-power state".



Note: Calculate the battery run time as follows: [(measurement method a) + (measurement method b)] / 2.

JEITA Measuring Method A
At a display luminous intensity of 20 cd, measure the continuous playback time of one MPEG moving image file read from a hard disk.

To get the MPEG file, please click here.

* Display Brightness
Go to Power Options - Advanced settings
1. Set Display Brightness - On battery: 16%

JEITA Measuring Method B
* Display Brightness
Go to Power Options- Advanced settings
1. Set Display Brightness - On battery: 4%

For more information on JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method for VAIO notebook, please click here