Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:

  • ILCE-9

About this download

Benefits and Improvements from the latest update

  • Solves the problem caused by a specific third-party memory card, which would not be recognised by Sony cameras

[Note 1]
*When updating to this version from a lower version than “Ver.4.00”, the FTP transfer feature and Wired LAN settings are initialised.
You will have to configure these two items again.
The names of FTP server 1, FTP server 2, and FTP server 3 will be kept, but other items will be initialised.
If you have set the Wired LAN Settings to Manual, each of the manually configured settings will be initialised and the Wired LAN Settings will be set to Auto.

[Note 2]
* When the camera is updated from Ver. 3.00 to this version, the registered settings for Fn (function) menu may not be kept.
In that event, please customise the menu to your preferred settings again.
Setting: [MENU]-[Camera Settings2]-[Function Menu Set.]

*Please refer to the HelpGuide for more information on updated functions.

Previous Benefits and Improvements

The following benefits and improvements are also included in this update

v4.00 (15-11-2018)
  1. New features have been added to the Image transfer function via FTP
    • You can record and play back still images even during transfer operations

    • The following FTP transfer functions have been added:
      • You can narrow down the transfer target, such as protected images or non-transferred images, and transfer the applicable images together as a batch
      • You can transfer a played back picture by pressing an assigned custom key
      • You can automatically transfer images while recording
      • You can select the transfer target file formats when transferring images recorded in RAW+JPEG format to an FTP server

      New functions have been added to the destination folder configuration:
      • Up to nine FTP servers can be registered
      • New options to configure the destination folder on the FTP server in a more flexible way:
      • * Images can be transferred to a specific folder.
        * A destination folder can be assigned to each card slot.
        * The folder configuration can be set to match the memory card inserted into the camera.

  2. Others
    Improves the overall stability of the camera

v3.10 (11-9-2018)
  • Support of "SEL400F28GM"
    Adds a [Silent priority] option to the [Aperture Drive in AF] setting in the menu
    *Using the lens "SEL400F28GM", when [Silent priority] is selected, the sound emitted by the aperture drive will be reduced. This is useful in shooting conditions where camera noise should be kept to a minimum. Note that Auto Focus may become slower when [Silent priority] is selected.
  • Other improvements
    Improves the overall stability of the camera

v3.01 (10-7-2018)
v3.00 (28-6-2018)
  • Corrects a symptom where, in some cases, the camera may not operate properly after updating the software to Ver. 3.00
    - For cameras which were updated to Ver. 3.00 and then to Ver. 3.01, the registered customised settings for the Fn (function) menu may be lost.
    In such a case, please customise the menu again to your preference by going to:
    [MENU]-[Camera Settings2]-[Function Menu Set]
  • The Ver. 3.01 software also includes the following updates from Ver. 3.00
  • Introduces support for the new lens "SEL400F28GM"
    • Optimisation of optical image stabilisation performance, and support for the new image stabilisation mode of the Lens (Mode 3)
    • Addition of [Function Ring(Lens)] to the menu
      *For SEL400F28GM, [APS-C S35/Full Frame Sel.] setting can be assigned to the Function Ring, in addition to [Power Focus].
    • Addition of [Aperture Drive in AF] to the menu
      *With the SEL400F28GM, focus will not be locked even during continuous shooting at F-values greater than F11, under the following conditions: AF-C, electronic shutter, [Aperture Drive in AF] menu set to [Focus Priority]. Note that continuous shooting speed might be slow when F number is over F11.
  • Added function for professionals engaged in sports/news media:
    • Adds a [Write Serial Number] option (On/Off) to the menu, enabling or disabling the inclusion of the camera's serial number in the Exif data
  • Improvements in auto focus performance and functionality
    • Improves tracking performance of moving subjects in AF-C mode
    • Improves auto focus speed in low light conditions
    • Adds [AF Track Sens] as a selectable option for custom key settings
    • Adds support for all focus areas when using the LA-EA3 mount adaptor (Options added to [Focus Area]: "Zone", "Expand Flexible Spot" and "Lock-on AF")
  • Improvements in flash control performance and functionality
    • Reduces the release time lag when shooting with a flash
    • Adds support for [Slow Sync.] and [Rear Sync.] when using a flash wirelessly
    • Adds support for white balance automatic correction, when using the colour filter of an external flash (HVL-F60RM)
  • Other improvements
    • Stabilises the release time lag when shooting in AF-C mode
    • Improves the overall stability of the camera
  • *Please refer to the HelpGuide for updated function usage.

v2.00 (11-1-2018)
  • Enhance Continuous AF
    • Enhances continuous auto focus on moving subjects
    • Enhances AF-C stability while zooming
  • Adds new or enhanced functions for sports/news media photography professionals
    • New function: assign protecting images to custom key
    • New function: FTP transfer protected files at once *1
    • Displays wired LAN MAC address
    • Inputs IPTC metadata to files *2
    • Inputs camera serial number to metadata
  • Others
    • Improves all-round operational stability
    • Improves the accuracy of the overheating warning

v1.10 (27-9-2017)
  • Supports "Eye AF" function for A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 mount adapter *3
  • Fixes an issue where RAW files may disappear when SDXC or microSDXC memory cards are used in certain smartphones *4
  • Improves the image quality and overall stability of the camera
  • Improves continuous autofocus (AF-C) performance while zooming in with the SEL70200GM or SEL100400GM lens *5

v1.01 (8-6-2017)
  • Improves the overheating warning functionality

*1: Only the images protected on Ver.2.00.
*2: Need to create IPTC information beforehand by using the "IPTC Metadata Preset" software.
*3: This function is only for A-mount lenses which can adapt to 8 or 10 fps (maximum) tracking AF-C shooting. See here for details.
*4: Raw data recorded by the ILCE-9 with system software Ver. 1.00 or 1.01 could disappear. Please backup your raw data files, even if you’re updating the system software to Ver. 1.10.
*5: The system software version Ver.03 or later for SEL70200GM and Ver.02 or later for SEL100400GM are needed respectively. The statement was added at the same time as the lens system software was released.

File Info

File Name

  • ILCE-9 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver.4.10 (Mac)

File Version

  • 4.10

File Size

  • 291.8 MB (291,809,243 bytes)

Release Date

  • 18-12-2018


Check the system software version

Follow the instructions below to check the system software version. If the system software version is Ver.4.10, the update is not required.

  1. Select Menu > Setup subpage [6] > Version on the camera.
  2. The system software version is displayed as illustrated below.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with the following Macintosh versions:

  • macOS 10.12 – 10.14

Computer Hardware

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with the following hardware:

  • Hard drive space: 600 MB or more
  • RAM: 512 MB or more

Other Hardware

  • Power source for the device.
    Fully charged rechargeable battery pack NP-FZ100.
    Note: The update can only be performed when the battery power level is (three bars) or more. We recommend that you use a fully charged battery. Detach the vertical grip before updating system software.
  • USB cable supplied with the device
    Note: Update functionality is not guaranteed with any other USB cable.

Download & Install

Important notice

  • Please close all other application software before updating the system software.
  • Use a fully charged rechargeable battery pack (NP-FZ100).
  • Do not remove the battery during the update; as the sudden loss of power may render the camera inoperable.
  • Remove the memory card from the camera before starting the update process.
  • The system software update will take approximately 10 minutes. Please do not allow your computer to go into Sleep mode during this time.
    If the computer does go into Sleep mode and the update is interrupted, the entire update process will need to be restarted.
  • Do not open "About This System Software Updater" in the System Software Updater menu as this may cause the Updater software to crash.
  • Do not connect the camera to other any other devices except your computer.

How to download the Updater:

  1. After reading the disclaimer, click Download.
  2. The [Update_ILCE9V410.dmg] file will start downloading.
  3. Save the file to the desktop of your computer (recommended).

Step 1: Start the Updater

  1. Close all currently programs currently running on your computer.
  2. Double-click the [Update_ILCE9V410.dmg] file you downloaded. Do not connect the camera at this point.
  3. [Update_ILCE9V410] is expanded.
  4. Double-click the [UpdateSetting Tool] icon .
  5. To load a kernel extension, the message prompts you to allow the application to make changes. Type the password for the administrative account.

    • For macOS 10.13 or 10.14 users
        Once the message from the system displays, the security and privacy screen will be displayed.
      • If the following message is displayed before "Security and Privacy" is displayed, press the [OK] button.
      • Open the "General" tab on the "Security and Privacy" screen and allow reading of the "Sony Corporation" system software.

        Note: If you have approved this in the past, the security and privacy screen will not be displayed.
      • If you are asked to restart macOS after clicking the [Allow] button, please restart and return to the beginning of the update procedure.
      • If the "Security and Privacy" screens does not disappear, please close the window.
      • If both the message displayed and the "Security and Privacy" screen do not disappear, close both using the [OK] button.

    • For macOS 10.12 or lower user
        Connect the camera to the computer
      • A dialogue box for the USB connection will be displayed.
      • Connect the camera to the PC using the USB cable (supplied). "USB Mode" appears on the LCD monitor of the camera.
      • Click [OK].If the message is displayed, close using the [OK] button.

        Note: Never turn off the camera nor disconnect the USB cable while updating.

  6. The System Software Updater will start.

    Note: If the System Software Updater does not start up, double-click [System Software Updater] in the [Update_ILCE9V410] - [Resources] folder to start up.

  7. Turn on the camera.

  8. Following the instructions in the System Software Updater window, on the camera, select Menu > Setup subpage [3] > USB Connection and check if Mass Storage has been selected.If a mode other than Mass Storage is selected, please select Mass Storage.

  9. Connect the camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable. "USB Mode" appears on the LCD screen of the camera.
    Note: If the computer cannot find the device, the message "Could not find the camera for this update" is displayed on the computer screen. Please try the following:
    • Disconnect the USB cable and connect it again.
    • If the computer has multiple USB terminals, try with the other terminals.

    Sometimes, when the camera is connected to the computer with the USB cable, a message prompting you to restart the computer may be displayed.
    If this happens, remove the battery pack from the camera, reboot the computer and follow the instructions from "2. Start the System Software Updater".

  10. Click [Next]. The current version number and updated version number appear on the lower left-hand side of the screen.After confirming that the current software version is "Ver. 4.00 or earlier", click Next. If the current system software version is 4.10 or later, the update is not required.In this case, disconnect the camera from the computer and click Finish. Turn off the camera, remove the battery pack, reinsert the battery and turn the camera back on.
    Update is required

    Update is not required

  11. The camera will automatically be reset.
    The screen below will be displayed.

    Note: The Loading icon may not be displayed depending on the OS version that you are using.

  12. Start the update
    After automatically resetting, the following screen is shown and the update starts. The progress bar appears during the update process (approximately 10 minutes).
    Note: Never turn off the camera or disconnect the USB cable while updating.

  13. Complete the update
    Once the update has been completed, the camera will automatically restart. Make sure that the camera is turned on and wait until the LCD screen appears again.Click Finish when the LCD screen appears and disconnect the USB cable.

    Note: After restarting, a data recovery warning is sometimes displayed. This is normal. Please wait until this warning disappears.

Step 2: Confirm that the system software version of your device is Ver. 4.10.

  1. On the camera, select Menu > Setup subpage [6] > Version
  2. The system software version is displayed as illustrated below.

Questions & Answers

The update does not complete

When the monitor remains black for more than 15 minutes, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  2. Remove the battery and AC adapter from the camera, leave it for a few minutes, then insert the battery again or connect the AC adapter.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Turn on the camera and perform the installation process again.