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What are the differences between the Mount Adaptor LA-EA1 and LA-EA2?

The differences between the Mount Adaptor LA-EA1 and LA-EA2.

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Major differences are as follows.

  • LA-EA1: Available with SAM/SSM lens only*
  • LA-EA2: Available

AF system
  • LA-EA1: Contrast AF
  • LA-EA2: Phase-detection AF

AF/MF Select
  • LA-EA1: Switchable on the lens
  • LA-EA2: SAM/SSM lenses : switchable on the lens, Other lenses : switchable on the menu

Autofocus Area
  • LA-EA1: Multi / Center / Flexible Spot
  • LA-EA2: Wide / Spot / Local

Autofocus Mode
  • LA-EA1: Single
  • LA-EA2: Single / Continuous

* The autofocus speed will be slower compared to when an E-mount lens is attached. (When an A-mount lens is attached, the autofocus speed will be about 2 seconds to 7 seconds, when shooting under Sony measurement condition. The speed may vary depending on the subject, ambient light, etc.)