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Windows Me: DV camera is recognized as an [Unknown Device] in [Device Manager].

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Windows Me: DV camera is recognized as an [Unknown Device] in [Device Manager].

Refer to the followings;

[For the case of using Sony home DV camera]

*Refer to the following solution for DCR-V1000 and DCR-VX700 ID:4497
Title: Catalog and other documents describe that, from DVgate Ver.2.2 of the Windows Me pre-installed models, DCR-VX1000 and DCR-VX700 is excluded from the cameras that work with DVgate. What is the reason behind it?

1) Remove [Unknown Device] on [Device Manager].
2) Restart Windows with keeping connecting DV camera with i.LINK cable.
3) DV camera is automatically recognized when restarting Windows.
When the camera is recognized properly, the followings will appear on [Device Manager].
61883 Device Class
--> 61883 Class Bus Device
AVC Device Class
--> AVC Device

[For the case of using third vender DV camera]

It may help to resolve this symptom by updating DV camera driver.
Ask DV camera manufacture for the details of latest driver information.
However, we do not guarantee its operation, as we do not confirm any operational testing with preinstalled applications on VAIO which are [DVgate], [MovieShaker] or [Smart Capture] with third vender DV camera.