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How to connect ADSL to network via the built-in function of Windows in Windows Vista?

Setting up ADSL network connection by using Windows Vista basic functions.

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When connecting network Via ADSL,users need to use New Connection Wizard to configure the settings of PPPoE connection.

Before setting up ADSL,users need to connect the devices like ADSL modem with VAIO notebook.

Please refer to the following operating steps to configure the related settings of PPPoE connection according to the wizard.
  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

  2. Click Connect to the Internet in Network and Internet.

    Reference information

    If the computer has been connected with network, Connect to the Internet will not display.
    When Connect to the Internet does not display, please refer to the following operating steps to configure the related settings.

    • Click Network and Sharing Center in Network and Internet.

    • Click Set up a connection or network on the left of the interface.

    • Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next in Set up a connection or network.

    • Click Set up a new connection anyway.

  3. Click Broadband(PPPoE).

  4. Type User name, Password, Connection name,and then click Connect.


    Please select the follow items according to the actual using conditions.

    • Show characters
    • Remember this password
    • Allow other people to use this connection (※)
      Click Continue in User Account Control.
      For standard users, please refer to the following related link.

  5. The dialog box Connect to the Internet shows as below.


    If users have not or do not need to immediately connect the computer to network,please click Skip.
    Click Set up the connection anyway in the following dialog box.

  6. Click Close.

  7. Set up Internet Explorer to Never dial a connection.
    Right-click the icon of Internet Explorer on the Desktop,and then click Internet Properties.

  8. Click Connections.

  9. Check Never dial a connection,and then click OK.

    Reference information

    Because of different network service providers, users need to type DNS Server Address.
    If users are required to type DNS Server Address or answer other detailed information, please contact with the network service provider.
    Please refer to the following related link on how to type DNS Server Address.

Click Start, and then click Connect to.
Select PPPoE connection users have set up, and then click Connect to connect with network.