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Why are there disturbing noises coming out when I play Quick Time file?

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When I play a movie file of Quick Time formatted type (*.mov) with Quick Time Player or Media Bar, there are some disturbing noises coming out. Why and how do I resolve that?

(Reproduction steps)
1) Click [Start]->[Programs]->[Quick Time]->[Quick Time Player].
2) Click [File]->[Open Movie].
3) Choose [Sample Movie] (Program Files -> Quick Time -> to play.
4) Disturbing noises are generated in the sound.

To avoid this symptom, you have to change the Quick Time setting by changing the [FIFO size] in [Sound Out] option, using the following steps.

1) Click [Start]->[Settings]->[Control Panel] and double click on [Quick Time].
2) Choose [Sound out] in pull down menu.
3) Click [Options].
4) Change the [FIFO size] (initial setting is "60") to larger number. (Changing to 70-80 would improve this symptom.)
5) Click [OK] to close the window.

Sometimes, the buffer(memory) for Sound out is set as a standard in Quick Time and will be short. This causes the symptom and will be avoided if you change [FIFO size] and restore enough buffer.