Terms and Conditions for Sony Xperia Mobile

    Sony Thai Co., Ltd. ("Sony") warrants this SONY product against defects in MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP, on the following terms and conditions:

    1. The warranty extend only to Sony products purchased in Thailand and from authorized dealer with original proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) This Limited Warranty will last for a period of 1 year as from the original date of purchase

    2. This Limited Warranty is valid only if the original proof of purchase for this Product issued by a Sony authorized dealer specifying the date of purchase and serial number (IMEI) is presented with the Product to be repaired or replaced. Sony reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the Product from the dealer.

    3. If Sony repairs or replaces the Product, the repair for the defect concerned, or the replaced Product shall be warranted for the remaining time of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever is longer. Repair or replacement may involve the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned units. Replaced parts or components will become the property of Sony.

    4. This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product that is due to:

    - Use of products in addition to the normal use of the device such as Experimental demonstration of maintenance, installation

    - Storage is not correct the humidity is too high or low temperatures.

    - External plastic skin abrasions or scratches, as well as normal wear and deterioration.

    - Damage caused by the electricity over income to product.

    - Damage due to accident. The bumps or drop or being crushed screen Broken, Cracked, Bend.

    - Product failures caused by installations modifications software or hardware or repair or opening of the Product performed by a non-Sony authorized person.

    - Installation Non-standard Program firmware from Sony

    - Damage caused by water, sea water, moisture or chemicals for any reason.

    - Damage caused by fire or other natural disasters Such as floods, earthquakes.

    - General wear and tear according to the lifetime of rust or Smudge.

    - Damage caused by animals or nibbling insects

    - The erosion of Caused by abnormal environmental conditions in the area where the Product is located

    - Use of any accessories That is not a genuine product of Sony.

    - The Product for the rental use, or lease use.

    - Mobile devices with serial number IMEI was drilled, has been removed or made illegible to correct any information. The labels on the products.

    5. The warranty does not cover problems caused by signal provider does not cover the service area. For use in airless signal. Applications in which the channel of service providers is not enough to use. Since the cellular system on which the Product is to operate is provided by a carrier independent from Sony, Sony will not be responsible for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of that system.

    6. The Company is not responsible for the loss of personal information such as contacts, calendar, messages, pictures, audio files, email and applications or downloaded content to their customers. Customers need to back up (Back Up) own data to prevent loss.

    7. If the product is defective in the part of the screen. There may be bright spots or small blind spots on the screen and will not be adjustable. Which, if there are more than 3 points, Sony may (but not necessarily) repair or replace that product at Sony's sole discretion. Less bright spots or blind spots Sony does not need to repair or replace the product in any case.

    8. Should your Product need warranty service, Please contact Sony Service Center. Or please contact Customer Contact Center (02) 715-6100 Toll-free (1800) 231-991 Fax: 02-715-6020 Contact at : Website https://web.sony-asia.com/en-th/contact-us/