Article ID : 00238806 / Last Modified : 09/01/2020

Error: (1002) is displayed during a software download.

The message "An error occurred during the system software update. The TV could not check for updates over the network. Please check network connections and settings. Error: (1002)" is displayed during a software download.

    If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, please refrain from using appliances which emit radio wave (such as a microwave oven) during a software download, or connect to your router directly using LAN cable to avoid wireless interference.

    If you are still having trouble, use a computer to download the update software to a USB flash drive from the Sony support website and then install the update to your TV using the USB flash drive.


    • The message Error: (1002) can be displayed when you manually download the update software in a network environment with an extremely low Wi-Fi signal. Refer to the  How do I perform Firmware/ Software Updates for my Android TV™? article for more information.
    • The Error: (1002) will not be displayed if software download is performed automatically.