Article ID : 00203118 / Last Modified : 27/05/2019

My TV doesn't show my Sound Bar settings when I press the Sound Bar remote

    When using Sound Bar with the TV input (the TV indicator of the system is ON), the settings are not displayed on the TV screen.
     The following settings are not display on the TV screen when you use the remote control of Sound Bar.

    • Sound Mode
    • Vertical Surround
    • Voice Mode
    • Night Mode
    • Volume, subwoofer volume, etc.

    NOTE: Some models do not support Vertical Surround.

    Refer to the following on how to check the settings:

    • Volume setting
      To show the volume setting on the TV, perform volume setting operations using the TV remote control.
    • Other settings
      Operate the remote control of Sound Bar and confirm settings by checking the status of the LED indicators (lit or flashing) on the Sound Bar unit.
      For details, refer to the manual of the product.