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How to look for other available contents while you are watching TV.

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We recommend using the DISCOVER button under the following situations:

  • I want to watch live football broadcast while watching a movie recorded in the hard disc. However, since a good scene is playing in the movie I am watching now, I want to check the live football broadcast without stopping playback of the movie.
  • I want to watch the rest of the drama I purchased from Netflix the other day while watching a TV program. However, as it is bothersome to switch from the home screen, I want to search for the content that I purchased while watching the TV program.

    NOTE: Netflix is supported on BRAVIA TVs released in 2015/2016 (Android TV compatible models)
Using Discover button

Using the DISCOVER button on the remote allows you to search for contents (such as TV programs and internet contents) that you are concerned about without changing the screen. DISCOVER is a feature with which you can check content of other categories on multiple screens while watching TV shows, Internet videos, and recording titles.

On how to search for the content using the DISCOVER button, see the following.

  1. Press the DISCOVER button.
  2. Move focus up or down to select the desired category.
  3. Move focus left or right to select the desired item.
    NOTE: To return to the content you are watching, press the BACK or DISCOVER button on the remote to exit the screen.
  4. IR Remote Control: Press the button to choose/launch the item.
    Touchpad Remote Control: Press the touchpad to choose/launch the item.