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When playing music from the Home Network server, pressing the Previous button on the remote control does not skip to the previous song.

When using a network environment (DLNA) to play music contents from a smartphone, pressing the Previous button on the included remote control does not skip to the previous song.

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    NOTE: The name of the application was changed from SongPal to Music Center in May 2017.

    This is a specification, due to this unit only supporting the rendering function and being the recipient of the contents.

    This applies to when the unit is connected to your computer (the computer being used as a DLNA server as the sender of music contents) and music contents are sent from the server software on the computer (Media Go, etc.) and played by the unit, when smartphone contents are played by the unit, and so on.

    If you want to operate a remote control, use Music Center (SongPal) or some other DLNA controller application that is installed to your mobile device.

    NOTE: Buttons other than the Previous button are not guaranteed to work, but may be operable using the included remote control.