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How to resolve if "Playback not available" message appear when playing JPEG photo via USB/DLNA/Internet?

    Playback not available message appear when playing JPEG photo via USB/DLNA/Internet.
    This TV only support JPEG YCbCr 422/420 formats, JPEG YCbCr 444 is not supported.

    Please try the following possible solutions
    1. Please try to connect your PC and TV by HDMI cable or PC cable (D-sub).
    2. If your PC is installed with Photo editor application capable of  JPEG conversion (444 <--> 422/420), please convert the JPEG file to the TV supporting formats. Refer to the Photo editor application instruction manual for details.
    3. If the JPEG was downloaded from web and part of the file data was missing, please download the photo again.


    • Some pictures may not displayed if a part of the file data is missing or corrupted.
    • The error of file data may occur while downloading the file from internet, or keeping the file on your storage for long period.