Article ID : 00197158 / Last Modified : 22/06/2018

How to transfer music files to the portable player using the Windows Media® Player software.

    When you start the Windows Media Player software for the first time, it automatically searches certain default folders on your computer for audio, video and picture files and then adds those files to your library. If you add or remove files from these folders, the Windows Media Player software automatically updates the library accordingly. You can change which folders the Windows Media Player software monitors .

    NOTE: A different procedure is available if you are using the Windows® 7 operating system and Windows Media player 12.

    1. Install the Windows Media Player software version 11 included with the Walkman® MP3 player.
    2. Connect your portable player to the computer and start the Windows Media player software.
    3. In the Windows Media Player window, click the Sync button.

      NOTE: If this is the first time using your portable player with Windows Media Player, you will be prompted to name your device. Type a name for your device and then click Finish .

    4. Your portable player will be represented in the right pane. Drag music files to the right pane.
    5. After you have added all of the music files, click the Start Sync button. The song files in the Sync list will be transferred to your portable player.