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Refine your sense of reality with α7R III — an ideal partner offering superior speed, high-resolution imaging, pro-class operability, and reliable performance even under harsh conditions.


Alpha 7R III with 35mm full-frame image sensor


THB 89,990.00

Image of dog with Animal-eye AF frame shown on one eye
Animal-eye AF feature now available with software update

A software upgrade is now available to support Sony's new Real-time Eye AF for Animals. The feature works by automatically detecting and tracking the eyes of animals that you're photographing, for beautiful pet portraits and wildlife shots.

Inspiring maximum creativity

Welcome to a new world of imaging with resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range, processing speed, and shooting response further enhanced. The α7R III packs pro-style operability into a strong, compact body to give you greater flexibility to take brilliant shots in any situation. With such high power, precision, and potential at your command, you can capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Image showing user holding camera in wild mountainous environment with mist, clouds, and glacial ice field
A portal to unseen worlds

Together, an effective 42.4MP (approx.) image sensor and enhanced image processor can take imaging as far as adventurous imaginations allow.

Image showing user in silhouette against natural environment and sky, looking through viewfinder with large lens mounted
Seize moments with quick precision

Doubled AF tracking effectiveness, even during continuous shooting at up to 10fps, advances the evolution of steady, lightning-fast camera performance.

Image showing female model in focus, looking at camera held in vertical position by user in foreground with bokeh
New portraiture potential

Greatly enhanced Eye AF focuses on and tracks an eye with great precision and speed, even when a subject is moving, is looking down and away, or is backlit.

Image showing model in studio, with user in foreground bokeh, and image displayed on adjacent PC screen
Smooth studio workflow

SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2) enabled by a USB Type-C® connector allows high-speed PC Remote data transfer for smooth handling of large RAW data files.

Image showing rear view of camera on tripod in historic building with image on LCD monitor and cable connected to camera
Different dimension of resolution

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting delivers overwhelming resolution, colour fidelity, and texture reproduction, capturing the atmosphere of subject and environment.

Image showing user with camera on tripod in outdoor environment with microphone, wind shield and external monitor
More realistic movies

Movies of extraordinary presence result from innovation supporting 4K HDR images of high resolution, broad dynamic range, and wide colour gamut.

A portal to unseen worlds
Depicting scenes in intimate detail

The image processing system has evolved to deliver high resolution and low noise throughout a wider ISO range. The camera depicts the mood of every scene’s surroundings as well as texture of details.

Image showing Exmor R CMOS image sensor
42.4MP full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS sensor

The Exmor R sensor’s back-illuminated, gapless on-chip lens design increases light sensitivity and provides wide dynamic range, despite its high resolution of 42.4MP.

Image showing printed circuit board with LSI IC and BIONZ X image processing engine
Greatly enhanced image processing

A new front-end LSI and BIONZ X™ boost processing speed and are teamed with the Exmor R™ sensor to deliver up to 15-stop dynamic range at low ISO sensitivity for stills, enabling richer tonal expression.

Image showing sailboat on lake against sunset with patterned sky and darker hills
Wide standard ISO 100-32000 range

The standard ISO range has been extended to ISO 100-32000 (expandable to ISO 50-102400), and noise has been reduced by as much as a full stop in the mid sensitivity range.

Diagram showing data flow from Exmor R sensor to front-end LSI and BIONZ X image processor, with JPEG and RAW outputs
14-bit RAW output for rich gradations

14-bit RAW format output contains rich tonal information from highlights to shadows, and is available even when shooting in silent or continuous mode .

[1] Image sensor
[2] The latest high-speed front-end LSI
[3] 16-bit image processing

Strong, light, reliable design takes you further

High-resolution Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder provides natural, high-precision viewfinder image. The functional advantages of an EVF, such as high visibility in darkness and AF capability when using magnified display, is further enhanced for powerful shooting support. For even greater versatility, the α7R III’s small, light body is robust and rigid enough for rugged use.

Seize moments with quick precision
Up to 10fps continuous shooting

Capture an instant action with continuous shooting of up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking. Huge data of 42.4MP imaging maintains high image quality that is advantageous for your creative trimming.

Image showing moose in silhouette against forest background
Shoot continuously in absolute silence

This camera allows silent shooting at up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking. Silence is critical for shooting wildlife, when even slight noise can mean missing a chance at an ideal shot.

Dramatically evolved AF performance

AF performance is improved by inheriting the  AF performance  used in the α9 and applying it optimally, so once the α7R III captures a wild animal that moves unpredictably, it won’t easily let it go.

Image showing bird of prey against sky
Comprehensive Fast Hybrid AF coverage

399 phase-detection AF points covering approx. 68% of image area width and height plus 425 densely positioned contrast-detection AF points improve focus that might otherwise be unachievable.

Image showing bear in grassy woodland environment
Up to 2x faster (approx.) AF response

Thanks to much more responsive, enhanced Fast Hybrid AF, AF speed is up to approximately two times faster under dim lighting conditions.

Image showing big cat about to pounce or jump
AF tracking improved by approx. 2x

The AF algorithm inherited from the α9 accounts for two times more precise AF tracking for continuous shooting, even of complex or sudden movement.

See more about 4D FOCUS
Reliable AF down to EV-3 brightness

Advanced AF algorithms contribute to high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV-3, for more reliable autofocus in dark scenes.

Image showing bear in dimly-lit woodland environment
Never waste a moment

New multi-selector, AF-ON button, and touch focus functions make focus operation quick and intuitive. With built-in dual slots and compatibility with large-capacity rechargeable-battery NP-FZ100, the α7R III also ensures that you can shoot with far less interruption, because you won’t need to change media and battery as frequently.

Image illustrating 76 frames of continuous shooting
Shoot up to 76 images continuously

Capture up to 76 compressed RAW or JPEG images in a continuous burst. This allows you to confidently concentrate on burst shooting without distraction.

Image showing side/rear view of camera with media cover open and two cards in dual media slots
Dual media slots, UHS-II support

With two media slots, including one that’s UHS-II-compatible for fast data writing, the α7R III can simultaneously or relay record, separate RAW/JPEG data and stills/movies, and copy data between cards.

Image showing rear view of camera with high-capacity battery pack attached
Extend shooting to professional length

The α7R III can use a NP-FZ100 battery with approx. 2.2 times as much capacity as a NP-FW50 battery. USB Type-C® and Multi/Micro USB ports allow connection of external batteries for extended shooting.

Image of LCD screen display illustrating use of rating function
Rating function

With rating function, you can rate recorded still images from 1 to 5 stars anywhere right on the spot, using the playback screen to perform the function if it is assigned to a custom button.

Image of LCD screen illustrating grouping display for continuous shots
Grouping display for continuous shots

A series of photos shot in continuous mode can be reviewed as groups, play index display is improved, and continuous groups can be deleted or protected at once.

Image showing example of My Menu screen with menu of user-selected functions
My Menu: faster to your favourites

Register up to 30 frequently used items on the new My Menu for instant recall. You can create and customise an optimal menu for your own convenience.

New portraiture potential
Eye AF with doubled performance

With the α7R III, Eye AF evolves with two times more immediate, effective eye detection and tracking, even when shooting a moving portrait subject.

Image showing model against background bokeh, illustrating Eye AF functioning despite partial occlusion
Even if face is partially hidden
Image showing model against background bokeh, illustrating Eye AF functioning despite face looking down away from camera
Even when looking down
Image showing model against background bokeh, illustrating Eye AF functioning despite low light level
Even in dim light
Enhanced image stabilisation: freer shooting

Thanks to enhanced 5-axis in-camera image stabiliser, whenever you want to move and shoot freely, you can rely on the α7R III’s high-resolution performance and mobility, in order to concentrate on the subject without worrying about various types of camera-shake blur.

Images illustrating image stabilisation, with blurred image (top) and image (bottom) with pitch / yaw compensation
Pitch and yaw compensation
Images illustrating stabilisation, with blurred image (top) and image (bottom) with horizontal / vertical shift compensation
Horizontal/vertical shift compensation
Images illustrating image stabilisation, with blurred image (top) and image (bottom) with roll compensation
Roll compensation
5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation

New stabilisation unit/gyro sensors/algorithms effectively raise 5.5 stops. Five types of camera shake — angular shake (pitch/yaw), X/Y shift, and rotational shake (roll) — are compensated.

Diagram showing 5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation with 5 types of camera shake that are compensated
Smooth studio workflow
High connectivity for professional workflow

The α7R III includes SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2) compatible USB Type-C® port and sync terminals that enable the camera to be connected directly to external devices without delay. These connections make workflow more seamless and stress-free, even for studio shooting that makes use of PC tethered shooting or flash.

SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2) for fast data transfer

This makes PC tethered shooting available for smooth handling of big RAW image files, so you can quickly review images on a PC and continue shooting without much delay for file transfers.

Image illustrating fast data transfer, showing side/rear view of camera with USB cable attached
Image showing close-up side view of camera with sync terminal visible
Sync terminal available

A standard sync terminal is provided for convenient synchronisation with studio flash units and other external lighting equipment.

Imaging Edge™ Remote, Viewer, and Edit

Elevate your photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications. Use "Remote" to control and monitor shooting live on your PC screen; "Viewer" to quickly preview, rate, and select photos from large image libraries; and "Edit" to develop RAW data into high-quality photos for delivery. Get the best from Sony RAW files, and manage your productions more efficiently.

Image of studio illustrating Imaging Edge PC application, with camera on tripod, and PC with camera image on screen
Imaging Edge™ Webcam
Imaging Edge™ Webcam

The Imaging Edge Webcam application makes it easy to use your Sony camera as a high-quality webcam, with wide compatibility, for impressive live streaming and conferencing.

Different dimension of resolution
Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

This new Pixel Shift Multi Shooting reproduces still images that contain true-to-life detail, texture, colour, and overall atmosphere.

Images illustrating Pixel Shift Multi Shooting, with normal image (left) and more detailed composited image (right)

[1] Normal single image  [2] Composited image with Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

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More realistic movies
High-resolution 4K HDR

In addition to capability to record stunning high-resolution 4K movies through 5K (15MP) oversampling, the camera features a new HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) picture profile, supporting instant HDR workflow, that offers wide dynamic range for highly precise and lifelike movie images without colour grading.

Supporting various needs in HDR production

The α7R III features S-Log for flexible expression of images in post-production and HLG for instantaneous HDR workflow — a combination that fulfills various HDR production requirements.

Image showing HDR workflows, with (top) S-Log and colour grading, and (bottom) HLG with no colour grading

[1] High flexibility to fine-tune images as desired (Colour grading required)
[2] Instant and high-quality image (Colour grading not required)

Brochure download
Brochure download

Specifications & Features

An entirely renewed image processing system further enhances image quality. Up to approximately 2x improved AF speed, AF tracking, and Eye AF trackingperformance and up to 10fps continuous shooting allow more decisive moments to be captured. Reliable pro-style operability packed within a strong, compact body provides superior flexibility and mobility.
  • 42.4MP 35mm full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS and enhanced processing system

  • Standard ISO 100-32000 range (upper limit expandable to 102400)

  • Fast Hybrid AF with 399-point focal-plane phase-detection AF and 425-point contrast-detection AF

  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking

  • 5-axis image stabilisation with 5.5-stop exposure advantage

Lens Compatibility
Sony E-mount lenses
Sensor Type
35mm full frame (35.9×24.0mm), ExmorR CMOS sensor
Number Of Pixels (Effective)
Approx. 42.4 megapixels
ISO Sensitivity
AUTO (ISO 100-12800, selectable lower limit and upper limit), Movies: ISO 100-32000 equivalent, AUTO (ISO 100-12800, selectable lower limit and upper, Still images: ISO 100-32000 (ISO numbers up from ISO 50 to ISO 102400 can be set as expanded ISO range.),
Battery Life (Still Images)
Approx. 530 shots (Viewfinder) / approx. 640 shots (LCD monitor) (CIPA standard)
Viewfinder Type
1.3 cm (0.5-type) electronic viewfinder (color),Quad-VGA OLED
Monitor Type
7.5cm (3.0-type) type TFT
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