15.7cm (6.2”) LCD DVD Receiver

Picture of 15.7cm (6.2”) LCD DVD Receiver
Images of 15.7cm (6.2”) LCD DVD Receiver
Images of 15.7cm (6.2”) LCD DVD Receiver
Images of 15.7cm (6.2”) LCD DVD Receiver
Unlimited on-road entertainment

Smartphone-friendly Double-Din AV centre with DVD player

Your favourite entertainment is only seconds away with this Bluetooth AV centre. Connect your entire mobile music library instantly, or use the DVD player to bring your most-loved movies and shows to any journey. 

4 x 55w logo
Immersive audio

Make music sound clear and natural with powerful 4 x 55W amplification and intelligent audio processing.

Bluetooth, USB and NFC logos
So many ways to play music

Access the music on your smartphone easily with multiple ways to connect.

Logo representing the touch screen
Watch TV and Movies

Enjoy full-colour video playback on the 15.7cm (6.2”) touch-control screen.

Connect and control, your way

Listening to your music on the road has never been so simple. Connect wirelessly or with a cable to access your song library, and control playback with buttons or voice commands.

Stream music in seconds

Tap the back of your NFC-enabled phone to the receiver’s volume knob for a one-touch wireless connection. Alternatively, use your mobile’s settings to quickly create a Bluetooth link. 

Illustration of a driver in car, with lines indicating speech
Bring Siri on the road

Want to control your iOS mobile or tablet without taking your attention off the road? Siri Eyes Free manages music playback, helps with navigation, reads out your messages and more.

Take control with SongPal 

A handy voice-controlled app, SongPal manages media playback and can even read your emails or help with navigation.

Smartphone with SongPal on-screen and XAV-W650BT in the background
USB and Aux logos
Connect with USB and AUX inputs

No Bluetooth? No problem. Just plug your mobile, memory stick or MP3 player into the USB socket to access all your songs. Alternatively, use a cable to connect your music player’s headphone-out socket to the receiver’s AUX input.

It's all about the music

Set the mood for any journey with powerful, rich audio that makes your favourite songs sound even better. You can even add more amplifiers to build your dream in-car sound system.

Picture of Dynamic Reality Amp 2 computer chip
4 x 55W output for great sound at any volume 

Our Dynamic Reality Amp 2 reduces the amount of external noise in the signal chain, resulting in 4 x 55W of improved clarity – even when you crank the volume. 

Picture of screen saying 'mega bass on'
MEGA BASS boost for huge low end 

With two different boost modes, the MEGA BASS switch adds deep low frequencies to any track.

Picture of speakers and 3 pre out logo
3-pre-out gives you more speaker options

Want to build a full in-car audio system? Connect additional amplifiers for your speakers and sub-woofers using the three pre-outs, for even greater volume and dynamics.

Play video anywhere

Whenever your car isn't moving, enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows with the built-in DVD player. 

Frontal shot of XAV-650BT showing on-screen menu buttons
Smart touch screen

Control everything easily with large touch-screen buttons. Customise the interface to match your car interior by choosing from five colour schemes.

Rear view camera ready

Got a rear camera installed? Whenever you put your car in reverse or tap the camera icon button, you’ll see the video feed clearly on screen. Use the customisable guide lines that appear on the screen to back in easily.

Rear camera image of space behind car, shown on screen of AV centre

Specifications & Features

Enjoy your favourite music, movies and more in your car, with this smartphone-friendly AV centre. Connect to your mobile in seconds via USB or Bluetooth, and hear rich sound from the powerful 4 x 55W amplification and MEGA BASS boost.
  • Connect your smartphone instantly with NFC™ and Bluetooth®

  • Play movies and TV shows with the DVD player

  • Rear view camera ready for easy parking

  • Hook up your MP3 player or memory device with the USB port

  • Get powerful sound with the 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2

Output Power
Pre Out
3Pre 2V
Screen Diagonal (inch / mm)
6.2 inch
USB Device Control (Audio Codec)
USB Device Control (Video Codec)
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