LHP-1 Lens Hood For Cyber-shot® RX1/RX1R

Picture of LHP-1 Lens Hood For Cyber-shot® RX1/RX1R

THB 4,990.00

Images of LHP-1 Lens Hood For Cyber-shot® RX1/RX1R
Images of LHP-1 Lens Hood For Cyber-shot® RX1/RX1R
Images of LHP-1 Lens Hood For Cyber-shot® RX1/RX1R
  • Stop stray light striking the lens surfaceCapture sharp, high contrast stills by preventing image-degrading lens flare in most shooting conditions

  • Protect the lens from unwanted knocksThe robust metal design of the lens hood protects the front barrel of your Cyber-shot™ RX1 from unexpected bumps and knocks

  • Stop bad weather from ruining the shotGet the drama of stormy scenes without wind-blown debris or driving rain impeding the lens

  • Tough metal designThe lens hood is made from machined-metal precisely engineered for robust and effective light shielding performance

  • Designed for quick and easy attachmentSpeedily attach using a bayonet-type fitting by aligning red dots on the camera and lens hood and turning 90 degrees clockwise

  • Use filters at the same timeGive your photos a distinctive style by fitting filters prior to attaching the lens hood

  • Comfortable shooting that won’t weigh you downWeighing only 16g, the lens hood won’t affect camera handling or stop you travelling light

  • Classic looks to match your Cyber-shot™ RX1Complement the beautiful style of your Cyber-shot™ RX1 with the striking metallic finish of the lens hood

  • Store your hood in the pouch for easy travelThe 65mm (w) x 22mm (h) x 65mm (d) lens hood easily slips into the supplied pouch for easy travel and storage

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