Perfect for PlayStation®

Ultimate gaming with BRAVIA from Sony. Bringing true-to-life colour and detail, fast response time and immersive sound, to optimise your PlayStation® experience. 

PlayStation® with BRAVIA: experience true immersion

Using advanced picture and audio technologies, Sony's BRAVIA brings games to life, delivering vibrant, vivid visuals with three-dimensional atmospheric sound.

Vibrant colours, intense contrast, this is how games should be played

See games come alive with a vast array of real-world colours and deep contrast that brings out the finest details. And with a wide viewing angle, you'll enjoy the same breathtaking scenes from the sides as you do from the centre.  

Full Array LED logo
8K HDR and 4K HDR logos
X-Wide Angle Logo
Inspiring the creators with extraordinary pictures

See how BRAVIA enables gamers to enjoy the truly lifelike world of Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation®4 Pro by reproducing subtle nuances of colour, light and gradation.

Surround sound that matches actions and scenes

Our sound from screen technology makes the screen the speaker. This means that what you hear comes from the right place in the scene. 

Acoustic Surface Audio logos
Screen of sound

Experience more immersion, more excitement. With our unique Acoustic Surface Audio™ technology, sound comes directly from the screen, matching the action. 

S-Force Front Surround logo
Virtual surround sound

Hear sound all around you. S-Force Front Surround virtually reproduces surround sound within your TV, simulating a separate multi surround speaker system.

Responsive gaming, effortless control

Get going fast. Just plug in an HDMI cable and BRAVIA will recognise when a console is connected and automatically switch to game mode. You'll enjoy smooth, responsive gameplay and you can even control your PlayStation with your TV remote.