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Fingerprint Access Software / Fingerprint Sensor Driver

Article ID:189135(modified 23 Mar 2011)

Applicable Models

USM128C, USM256F, USM512FL, USM64C

What does this download do?

Uninstallation Software for MicroVault models with fingerprint recognition feature

We recently learned that certain discontinued models of Sony’s fingerprint recognition MicroVault USB storage devices use software provided by an outside vendor that creates “cloaked” files on the user’s PC.  Security experts advise that third parties could exploit the cloaking feature to conceal harmful programs.  We are taking the matter seriously, and moving quickly to protect our consumers by developing and distributing a software update. 

We are working with the software vendor to issue a downloadable patch and software update as soon as possible.  Prior to learning about the security issue, for business reasons we had already discontinued the distribution of these models.

Until we are ready to distribute a software update, any customer having concerns can choose to uninstall the software in the manner described below.

Symptom and Cause

  1. Certain discontinued models of Sony’s MicroVault USB storage devices use software that creates “cloaked” files on the user’s PC. The software was licensed from an outside vendor. Technically, third parties could exploit the cloaking feature to conceal harmful programs. So far, we have not received any reports of harm to computers caused by this function.

  2. Some antivirus software may detect and quarantine such software, in which case the software may not function properly.

Subject Products/Models in Asia Pacific
Sony’s MicroVault USB storage devices

  • USM-64C
  • USM-128C
  • USM-256F
  • USM-512FL

How to uninstall the software
Please uninstall the software in accordance with the manner set forth in the download file:

Available Download
Filename: How_to_Uninstall_Fingerprint_Access_Software.pdf
Download size: 401 KB
Updated on: 2007/09/07


  • Once the software is uninstalled, customers will not be able to retrieve encrypted files until they reinstall the software in the future following distribution of our update.  Therefore, it is advised that customers decrypt all encrypted files and store such decrypted files on their PC and/or other removable recording media before uninstalling the software.

  • Software for MicroVault USB storage devices other than the “File & Folder Encryption and Decryption” (“Screen Saver Lock”, “Access to Favorites” and “Auto Login”) does not have the cloaking feature. So customers who wish to continue using such software may be able to do so by installing such individual software of their choice after having completed the uninstallation as described above.

Any customer who is unable to uninstall the software or have any question on this matter, please contact your local service centre. A list of the Sony service centres can be found in the Service Centres page.

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