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Cables/AC Adaptors

Sony offers a variety of cables that connect your portable audio devices to your various entertainment devices.
AC Power Adaptor and Charger are heaven sent these days, especially when your device run of batteries when you needed them the most. With Sony’s AC Power Adaptor or Charger, your device will never run flat anymore.
Sony offers a variety of different Video Cables that connect to your various entertainment devices at home to make sure that you can get take your home entertainment video to the next level.
If you wish to connect your portable audio device like your MP3 player to an amplifier, you can always rely on Sony’s selection of Audio Cables to do the job.
Connect and record music directly to your WALKMAN® MP3 Player with our WM Port Cables.
The all-digital audio/video interface is capable of transmitting high quality contents via a single cable.
With Sony’s car connecting cable, you can connect your minidisc or CD player to your vehicle’s cassette player and enjoy your favourite tracks conveniently as you cruise to work every day.
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