Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • VGN-CR313H
  • VGN-CR324
  • VGN-CR327
  • VGN-CR363
  • VGN-CR323
  • VGN-CR343N

About this download

This program will update SuperMulti Drive Firmware AD-7560A to version DS05 and resolve the following symptoms:

1. DVD-R write error
2. Additional support media

Available Downloads:
SuperMulti Drive Firmware Upgrade AD-7560A Version DS05
File name: EP0000183366.exe
File size: 1.71 MB (1,800,872 bytes)

File Info

File Name

  • SuperMulti Drive Firmware Upgrade AD-7560A Version DS05

File Version

  • DS05

File Size

  • 1.71MB

Release Date

  • 2009-06-05

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista SP2 32bit



1. Download the file to a temporary or download directory (Please note this directory for reference later).
2. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click EP0000183366.exe.
3. Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
4. After installation is completed, please restart the computer.


To check if the installation is successful
1. Run EP0000183366.exe again.
2. If the update was successful, the current Version name will appear as “DS05”.