Treat yourself to audio excellence

The culmination of a lifetime’s pursuit of audio excellence, the four Signature Series products transcend the limits of high resolution sound, achieving an unparalleled listening experience.

Signature Series

One Signature Sound

Elevating the high-resolution sound experience from one you listen to, to one you can feel.

Elevate every note with One Signature Sound

It began with a music revolution sparked by the iconic Walkman® in 1979, inspiring millions of people with the freedom to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. The Signature Series advances that revolution to a new standard of audio fidelity; pushing the experience from listening to music to feeling it. Utilising high quality analog and digital technologies, our engineers have produced the ultimate headphone listening experience in an exceptional line of four quality products.

Fine-tuned and precision optimised by leading sound engineers

The four Signature Series products have been engineered to capture and reproduce every subtle variation of sound, from the overtures of a grand performance to that elusive resonance at the close of a concert. Even the subtlest nuances of micro-sounds and grand-scale dynamics are preserved; resulting in astonishingly faithful sound reproduction that’s both clear and expressive.

In pursuit of audio perfection

Discover the inspiration behind the new standard of audio excellence from the engineers who made it possible.

Pioneering audio innovation

From pioneering the iconic Walkman® in 1979, through to championing High-Resolution Audio as the new standard in sound quality in 2013, Sony has an unrivalled legacy of audio excellence. The Signature Series is the latest innovation to break new ground within the high-end audio landscape.

Revolutionising personal listening

A history of headphone innovation

Our engineers have consistently developed our world renowned headphones range with innovative design techniques and high precision sound technology, resulting in truly authentic listening experiences.

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Maximising audio quality

A history of digital audio and amplification

Powering audio systems without distortion is a precise art that we have been refining for over half a century. Engineering excellence, high grade components and advanced acoustics work together to elevate sound quality.

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The making of an icon

A history of Walkman®

Walkman® redefined music listening for a generation. Suddenly stereo music became mobile, and available to enjoy any time anywhere. We’ve been refining this icon ever since.

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Lovingly crafted, beautifully composed

Carefully created

From the materials through to the soldering and structural engineering methods used, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and product solutions were employed in the creation of the Signature Series. This ensured the highest standards of quality and audio excellence.

As told by the designers

Read about the inspiration and craftsmanship behind the Signature Series, as told by the designers themselves.